18 April, 2007

A picture of the
trying to look "Not pissed off," at the V Fest

Why they should be pissed off!*

*The New York Dolls played to minuscule crowds while most patrons were
scurrying from work and many missed the Dolls as they played
an hour earlier than scheduled on the festival website.

And, despite having already staged two V Fests and one Best of the Fest the night before,
the bar was appalling on the Wednesday. The Pixies, Dolls and Jarvis Cocker
were always going to pull a big, drinking, over-30s crowd but the usual massive bar
on top of the hill that worked so well at shows by Ben Harper and the Bad Seeds
was missing.Instead, patrons had to join a 100-metre queue to enter a smaller bar
- and then be told to join another queue to get a wristband.
And when punters got in they had to join another queue to get a beer.
Festivals will have their teething problems but this was a big oversight.

-The Age-


At 8:16 pm, Anonymous Mauzi said...

yep, they sure won't forget Melbourne.

At 6:51 am, Blogger Toeless Joe said...

that's really a shame. It seems like it would be hard to muster up any energy to play for that few people, especially if the small audience wasn't really even that focussed on the band. But I guess you wouldn't have any problem finding a good seat.


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